In her journey with painting, Kyung Bouhours finds her way in figuration and a hybrid Universe, populated by creatures that abolish categories. "I am a hybrid myself! I dream of a world without borders." Her metamorphoses evolved a lot in the settings of abandoned factories. Among Men, we come across, in its industrial mythology, a Gorgon with iron hair and a Myrrha with the trunk of a concrete column. There are sometimes these mists, these vapors, whose fluorescence is toxic or enchanting. The Ocean invites itself into the city. Lips-shells, organs-corals, growths-jellyfish. Aqueous mutations. “It’s Nature taking back its rights.” This dark dystopia of a humanity in danger of disappearing is today tending to calm down. “My latest paintings are often located outdoors and man and nature are more at peace.” Kyung likes to reconcile. Her characters are often androgynous. Its hybrids combine human, animal and plant species. Its scenes are at the same time European, Asian and African. Kyung syncretizes, assembles and reunites, seeking unity and freedom. This universe is a mental space. Urban wastelands and idle regions rub shoulders with kisses, bubbles and the barnyard. The pylons rub shoulders with the trees. No need to choose between dream and nightmare. It is a parallel universe, frequented by as many anxieties as desires, setbacks as hopes. And it is within this inner world that painting finds its freedom. “In my world I have no constraints, I can finally paint everything, and freedom is a necessity.”

Barbara Tissier art magazine Artension