The universe embodied in the paintings of Kyung Bouhours is a singular one;
  disquieting, enigmatic, eerie. Beings and objects born of a hybridization
  of images and pictural experimentation haunt a world apart against a backdrop
  of disused obsolescent industrial sites.
  Head on her oils on canvas, by the play of opacity, tranparency, superposition,
  drips set out a vocabulary of figures, signs, of unexpected objects and situations
  in a dreamlike, fictional space.
  The predomination of scenes depicting a struggle for power between humans,
  animals and the elements transform what could be an exact, figurative representation
  into a fantasmatical whole.
  The picture becomes a meeting point between what is real and observed and
  what is dream and imaginary. Her pictures are far more than depictions of
  a particular scene but rather metaphors, views of the world.
  Her canvasses have both the realism and the other worldliness of dreams.
  They are paintings of a mind.